Why addressing Lighting?

The answer is very simple. There is a direct correlation between light and vision:

  • No Light  No vision

  • Too little Light Difficult vision-Weak Colours

  • Correct Light Good detailed Vision-Brillant Colours

  • Too much Light Vision with Glare, no Detail-Distorted Colours

The task of lighting technology is to create good visual conditions by drawing on our knowledge of the physiological and optical properties of the human eye.


In other words, lighting technology needs to achieve the right luminance and even distribution of luminance within our visual field. Humans have come a long way from illuminating caves in order to produce incredible drawings 15000 years ago, through building lighthouses 260 BC in Alexandria.


From Street lights in Antioch in 378 AD through to gaslight and electrical light and the first incandescent lamp invented by Johann Heinrich Goebel in 1854. The last few decades have seen the development of lamps and luminaires using the latest technology, new optical systems, and new materials, applying optimum cost-effectiveness and increasingly taking into account environmental and health considerations.


Work in comfort and professionally, maximising your surroundings and the objects you are working on, by maximising shapes, colours and details.

Our philosophy.

Good lighting is a good investment.

Oxibo introduces its new series of desktop lamps, specially designed to ensure best performances in vision and high level of comfort.


From the beginning the goal we set ourselves was to create something different than what the market could offer that time, but we had also been concerned to meet all conditions already provided by the competitors products.


There had been strong points for us, the dimensions of the whole framework, the easy handling and therefore the joints and the ergonomics itself, to quickly position the lamp head in the desired condition.


  • Workshop.

  • Office.

  • Education.

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