Omnia JR

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For high end stores and lab environment.

The queen of lamps, proud to give the best scenery for your work giving the best compromise for the best rendering. The FLC system contrasts any noises conveniently, adjusting the light intensity by a microprocessor according to the interferencies.
Translucent bodies as blues, as reds, as yellows, etc. reveal strong emotions even better when conveniently boosted.


Really a first class lamp:

• the arm doesn’t need hands to be positioned. Simply pressing a key the head rises up.
• superb light quality
• stable electronic power supply
• fluorescent bulbs driven by electronics allow to balance the polychromatic light
• elegant and refined design


Technical specifications 
Light sources4 independent (2 fluorescent bulbs; 2 LED arrays)
White light3000°K - 4000°K - 6500°K – dimmable
UV lightUV long wave 392 nm
Reflector size490x210x70 mm
Arm raising range 120-620 mm
Voltage230VAC 50Hz
Power absorption 76W
Handling weight6.5 kg

Colour light source

Intensity adjustable



6500°K light source

4000°K light source

3000°K light source

UV light




Wide footprint base

Elegant design, fan-shaped in aluminum casting, heavy and wide able to host objects on top of it.

SKU: 100090

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Clamp foot

Elegant design, bi-color foot in aluminum, twin screews with rubber ends for high tightening.

SKU: 100091

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